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Pretty soon after lockdown started we started experimenting with remote live improvisations - where each musician is in their own home sending sound and video to each other over the internet. When we started we had never done this before. See how it evolved on this page - they start at the top of the page and work down.. You can also watch part 2 of our documentary on Playtime after COVID here or see Online Remote Live Improv Highlight videos here.

First remote livestream.....Tom & Graeme 18/4/20 music starts at 00:00

Tom & Graeme 23/4/20 music starts at 16:23

Tom & Martin 30/4/20 music starts at 00:00

All Four of Us for the first time  14/5/20 music starts at 00:00

Tom & Graeme 7/5/20- joined by Marty & Mario a bit....with hilarious results in mario's case  music starts at 00:00

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